Hosting food & clothing drive for the homeless.

I started in 2011 as my mission to go out and feed the homeless.

I have a permit where I go throughout local parks and feed the homeless pre-packaged snacks, and bottled waters. I also host clothing drives for the homeless. 

I DO NOT COLLECT OR SOLICIT MONEY for my homeless drives.

Reason: Certain agencies have collected money for the homeless, and most of those funds never went to those in need.

I wanted to run my mission different, by only accepting the items I'm asking for such as the following:

1. Snacks

2. Bottled Waters

3. Socks

4. Hats

5. Gloves

6. Scarfs

7. Pre-packaged snacks (Not expired snacks)

8. Items above (New Items)

These are the items I typically collect, go to the local parks, set up a table and giveaway.

If you are interested in helping, please message me, or mail the items to my mailing address.

Thank you for your interest in giving back to the community and thank you for your support.

Carol's Trunk Show

P.O. Box 242

McCalla, AL  35111

Contact: Sametra Moore

Ph: 205-478-9498