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Q. I set up at multiple shows all the time and no one has ever asked me for a license, why is a license required?

A. All vendors who is selling a product that will exchange money with a customer, you will be required to obtain a city license. Every city requires vendors to obtain a current city license if they are selling within their limits.

Q. I'm a vendor who want to market my business, and I will not be exchanging money at the show, is a license still required?

A. No license is required if you are just promoting/marketing your business, and no exchange of money is being made.

Q. How do I get information on what type of license I need to run my business?

A. Call your local city where you plan to sell your merchandise and obtain the necessary information needed.

Q. What happens when I set up at local events without a business license?

A. If the county comes around to check vendors for their license, and they are selling without a permit, they will get a ticket, and fines are determined by each city.

Q. I have been selling merchandise for years on the street, and no one has ever asked for a license, is this something new?

A. You are required to have a Peddler license or a Transient Vendor License if you are a traveling vendor who go from house to house, or on the street selling merchandise. Call your local city for information.

**** Vendors check the County Revenue Department where you plan to set up and sell/market your business, for sales tax information, you will be required to pay sales tax on items sold. *****

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